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Cross-Cultural Concinnity Theory

(AKA: Neoterism)

an emergence of a new, modern frame of mind in the process of regulating two cultural identities


In a time when plurality of existence is a common place, neoterism attempts to promote connection between cultures let alone concinnating a new, globally oriented existence. When an individual embarks on a journey as a bilingual learner, continues to engage in relating with two cultures, and solidifies the development of two cultural identities, Neoterism posits the idea that developmental transformation occurs.  This entails liberation from the confinements of one’s heritage identity and experiencing genesis of a new, modern frame of mind. The individual becomes an expert in acknowledging the differences and similarities of cultures, not to mention realizing the commonalties of cultures. The individual is more tolerant, cognitively flexible, and empathetic.  The individual becomes a  global citizen with global awareness in the true sense. Furthermore, Neoterism propounds the notion that an individual realizes self-autonomy and becomes a creator of ones life. He or she not only acknowledges the preservation of communal needs, but can be a creator of new lifestyles as well.


In 2023, the term Neoterism was changed to Cross-Cultural Concinnity Theory. 




Harvard University

Neoterism: Exploring bicultural identity transformation

Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Alumni of Color Conference, Cambridge 


Nominee for Harvard Graduate School of Education, AOCC Alumni Achievement Award


March 6, 2022




Temple University

Neoterism: Exploring bicultural identity transformation

Temple University Japan, Continuing Education Webinar

2:00 - 3:00 pm

April 23, 2022

Tickets: Free online



Tokyo International University

Bicultural Identity Development as Normality in the 21st Century

August 4, 2022




Asian Pacific Conference 2022

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Neoterism: A New Concept About Co-Existing with Tradition and Innovation

December 3, 2022

Beppu, Oita


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